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Mu Phi will finally be fairly compensated for driving large crowds of people to venues. This is a game changer!

Mu Phi Polemarch

The ability to assign a percentage of the ticket sales to promoters and those with a stake in a particular event and have the money’s go straight to them will no doubt increase event attendance and revenue! We look forward to expanding out network with like-minded organizations and promoting their events.

Young Kings Brand

In my business, where collaboration is necessary for growth, the PANGIA platform is the perfect tool to bring together people I normally would not be able to work with. I look forward to the value PANGIA will add to my business.

Danni McGhee

Rawsome Rawkstar

PANGIA is a dope platform that opens up opportunity to collaborate creatively with different types of organizations.

Uncork'd Art

PANGIA is a marketplace platform for Tribe Leaders to create events under their own brand.