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Pangia is the first software tool designed to help Tribe Leaders monetize their influence, through selling and promoting events, while fostering deeper and ongoing relationships.

Why now?

A Tribe Leader is a unique individual with a thriving network who encourages collaboration and empowers others to take action to achieve their goals!

Our mission

Pangia gives Tribe Leaders the tools to monetize their natural gifts of connection and influence.

Pangia - Connecting Communities


Pangia’s event management app was developed specifically to connect local leaders, leverage their networks and drive awareness to their causes.

  • Pangia tickets can be distriuted as a “Paid”, “RSVP” and “Donation” event ticket types.
  • Pangia has an Event Check-In system to manage events. Each ticket recieves a QR code for attendees to present at door. This makes on-site event management a seamless process.
  • Tribe Leaders can access reporting and analytics, tracking sales and attendees for every event.
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Brand Your Tribe

Tribe leaders can manage their events business under their own unique brand. 


Exclusive for Tribe Leaders, each can search to find other Tribe Leaders for discussions, events and potential partnerships. The Pangia Community is where true collaboration and networking happens. 

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  • PANGIA, offers an open peer to peer network that foster open communication and relationship building among leaders.
  • Establish partnerships with other Tribe leaders that will enable you to conduct financial transactions with each other in a peer-to-peer format.


  1. “Pangia Event-Sharing” allows Tribe Leaders to capitalize on their new-found relationships with other Tribe Leaders within the platform to sell and promote their events for a percentage of the ticket sale profits.
  2. With a few clicks, Tribe Leaders can share their event details on another Tribe page and select the exact percentage of each ticket sold for their fellow Tribe Leader to automatically receive at the end of an event.
  3. This Profit-Sharing model is yet another example of how connected Pangia is with our evolving society, embracing a sharing-economy provides expanded access to products and services beyond the traditional one-on-one relationships. 

PANGIA is a marketplace platform for Tribe Leaders to create events under their own brand.